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Words and hearts should be handled with care for words when spoken and hearts when broken are the hardest things to repair!


I am ReD

red (english)
aka (japanese)
merah (malay)

I am red...I am ridiculous...I am Elly

I am...
loner...weirdo...over-sensitive...complicated mind, heart and soul

 I like red colour, money, shopping, taemin, shinee, ueda tatsuya, akanishi jin, a7x, linkin park, chester bennington, synyster gates, one piece, luffy d. monkey, roronoa zoro, dragon ball, son goku, penyiasat remaja, detective conan, kinder bueno, ferrero rocher, kfc, doraemon, pikachu, pokemon, batman, spiderman, keluangman, jet li, t.a.t.u, jay chou, nicholas tse, jimmy lin, justin timberlake, dale carnegie, mitch albom, hlovate, shah rukh khan, saif ali khan, under18, zint, english, japanese, russian, london, lawyer, royal, prince william, fiction, philosphy, kitten, plushie, coffee, ice-cream


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